Clean, Green, Care, and Well Being

How to Prevent Matting

This is a common question we are asked when customers stop by the shop. So we, at Green Dog Grooming, wanted to give you a few tips on how to prevent this. The most important tip though is to be as gentle as possible – the de-matting process can be painful for your dog. If your dogs coat is too matted to brush, then you may want to consider having him/her shaved. Just imagine what it would be like if…

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Because We Love You!

Our business grows from referrals, so we at Green Dog Grooming have decided to offer a Referral Program to you, our amazing customers, where you can receive $5.00 off of your pet’s next full service groom. All you have to do is have the person you are referring mention your name when he/she schedules their next appointment. Then when they bring their pet in for their first full service groom, we will add a $5.00 credit to your account to…

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we want to make sure that we are giving back to this important cause. So, for the month of October, a portion of every groom we do will be donated to our local chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. If you weren’t aware, the month is designed to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and finding a cure for breast cancer.…

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Seattle Seahawks Accessories for your Pup

Are You Ready for Some Football?

We have officially kicked off the football season by adding some brand new merchandise to the shop. For all you football fans out there, we now have Seahawks jerseys, tees, collars and leashes for your dog! You and your best friend can celebrate the season in style, together! We are your place to go for team spirit! Plus, it’s just in time for you and your pup to show your Seahawk spirit for the Downtown Kent HAWKtoberfest on Saturday, October 24…

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Shedding Season

Fall is upon us again and so is the time for certain breeds to shed their summer coats. All breeds of dog shed hair continuously. Some are light shedders and others carry enough coat for two or three dogs. Those of you who own one of these heavy shedding breeds are all too familiar with the rolling tumble weeds of hair and little tuffs that are EVERYWHERE. The most recognizable  breeds include, Huskies, Sheppards and the like. These breeds and mixes of…

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Wine Barrel Dog House

Flea & Tick Season Is Upon Us

  ** FLEAS: are external parasites. they are small and wingless, but are great at jumping from host to host. They are dark in color and are approximately  1/16 of an inch. ** TICKS:  are also external parasites, small and dark brown in color. They are slower moving than fleas and a little larger or a lot larger once they expand after feeding.                                                            Tips and Facts for Home Control Fleas and ticks can be an issue all year round although the…

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Natural Green Dog Products

Groomers Frequently Asked Questions

   These are just a few that are commonly asked, there is never a ‘stupid’ question when it comes to the health and well being of your pet- so ask away!            Q: My dogs nails seem long, did they get cut?           A: A dogs nails are similar to ours. The white/clear hollow tip is what is removed when trimming leaving the pink quick or nerve uncut. Black colored nails are trimmed in the same way only they are…

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Cody and Angel

Think Adoption!

    Last week Green Dog had the privilege to be introduced to Second Chance dogs. This non-profit rescue organization specializes in abandoned, abused or neglected dogs. They also work closely with Mud Bay to hold adoptions every 3rd Saturday of each month. We are more than happy to donate any grooming service needed to these great dogs. Puppies Cody and Angel were an abandoned brother and sister that came in for a bath and brush before heading to their new…

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Green Dog Grooming

What to Look For? Choosing Vets & Groomers

Making a decision on a new veterinarian* or groomer are as important if not more so than finding a doctor or hair stylist for ourselves. We have greater fears for our dogs because they can’t voice their  opinions or tell us the experience they had. Just as our dogs do we can rely on our senses to help us make a good or bad first impression. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when entering any grooming salon or veterinary office:…

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Green Dog Boutique

Toothbrushing and Dental Care

  Although we offer many services here at Green Dog Grooming, one thing you will notice is that we do not offer tooth brushing. We feel that unless you are committed to brushing your dogs teeth as often as once a day, the few times the teeth are brushed at a groomer every 6 – 8 weeks during an appointment are not enough for your dogs health to justify offering that service. Having a professional tooth de-scale done at your…

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