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How Often to Groom Your Dog

 Dogs skin is similar, but different to our own. Unlike you or I who takes a bath or shower 1-2 times every day, dogs only need to be bathed at most every 4 weeks. Most short haired dogs that remain mostly indoors may only need a bath every 6-8 weeks. Dogs with longer or double coats need to be brushed every day and require a bath or groom every 4 weeks to keep them at their best. If you always…

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Green Dog Grooming

Welcoming Puppy

We have talked with a few people this week who recently got a puppy and noted “getting a puppy is very rewarding as well as challenging”. Sometimes one out weighs the other.  An important part of your puppies life will be grooming. At Green Dog we offer a puppy cuts package for $10.00 this package includes a bath, dry and light trimming around the face, feet and tail/sanitary. This services is available to ALL puppies 3 months and under.  Whether…

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