Although we offer many services here at Green Dog Grooming, one thing you will notice is that we do not offer tooth brushing. We feel that unless you are committed to brushing your dogs teeth as often as once a day, the few times the teeth are brushed at a groomer every 6 – 8 weeks during an appointment are not enough for your dogs health to justify offering that service. Having a professional tooth de-scale done at your vet’s office will benefit your dogs oral and overall health greatly. Once this service is completed any bad breath or built up tartar is gone. This service is usually done under anesthesia so discussing this with your vet first is important.

Ways to keep tartar down on your dogs teeth can be as simple as offering dry dog food as opposed to wet. Finding the right dog food is important, if you are unsure or have questions your vet will be glad to assist you. The use of Greenies brand treats can be benificial, but remember they are considered a treat and not part of your dogs everyday diet. Rope toys can be good in that they act as a floss for teeth while your dog chews. Keeping an eye on your dog with this toy, along with any toy, is important to prevent them ingesting unwanted pieces or stuffing. Giving your dog certain bones to chew on can be okay, items like rawhide bones or chews. Just remember to purchase them from a reputable source and that they are made in the United States. It is NEVER okay to give your dog bones from your leftovers! Infact many natural bones can shatter while the dog is chewing them. These little bone fragments can injure your dog if ingested. Anytime you give your dog something, treats, chews or toys ALWAYS remember to keep a close eye on them. Treats, chews, etc. should only be given to your dog occasionally. This may sound like a given, but having clean drinking water available at all times is also important. Just like your mouth and teeth, when you drink water it helps to flush the mouth of food particles.

If you still feel the need to brush your dogs teeth many retailers or veterinary offices carry the toothbrushes and toothpaste you will need for home care. Only use those items specifically made for dogs.

So, keep in mind brushing your dogs teeth can be benefitial, but is not an essential part of your next grooming appointment. Small things you can do at home will benefit your dog and your wallet!


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