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Groomers Frequently Asked Questions

   These are just a few that are commonly asked, there is never a ‘stupid’ question when it comes to the health and well being of your pet- so ask away!            Q: My dogs nails seem long, did they get cut?           A: A dogs nails are similar to ours. The white/clear hollow tip is what is removed when trimming leaving the pink quick or nerve uncut. Black colored nails are trimmed in the same way only they are…

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Cody and Angel

Think Adoption!

    Last week Green Dog had the privilege to be introduced to Second Chance dogs. This non-profit rescue organization specializes in abandoned, abused or neglected dogs. They also work closely with Mud Bay to hold adoptions every 3rd Saturday of each month. We are more than happy to donate any grooming service needed to these great dogs. Puppies Cody and Angel were an abandoned brother and sister that came in for a bath and brush before heading to their new…

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