Think Adoption!



Last week Green Dog had the privilege Second Chance Dogsto be introduced to Second Chance dogs. This non-profit rescue organization specializes in abandoned, abused or neglected dogs. They also work closely with Mud Bay to hold adoptions every 3rd Saturday of each month.

We are more than happy to donate any grooming service needed to these great dogs. Puppies Cody and Angel were an abandoned brother and sister that came in for a bath and brush before heading to their new home together. They have had quite a difficult beginning and have come a long way from when they were rescued. While talking with Vicki Graff, the Kent Director of Second Chance Dogs, I learned of the flea infestation and starvation they had endured. Their story, along with so many other rescue dogs is all too familiar. Sadly, along with the history any rescue dog comes with there is also a stigma that these dogs are ‘damaged’ or ‘bad’. With a little patience and sympathy these dogs are no different than any other you decide to add to your family.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do research before deciding  on a rescue dog. You may even want to volunteer for a local group just to see how the dogs interact in everyday situations. This is a good idea too if you are not sure what type of dog you are looking for. You may go in thinking a smaller dog  is what you want and end up adopting a large breed!

Adopting a dog is not always right for everyone. If after your research you find it’s not a right fit you can always help with donations of food, collars, leashes, toys or time. These items are just as important as a good home for these dogs in need.

As anyone who has a dog knows these great animals are not only resilient but forgiving. They can easily bounce back from a terrible situation and recognize you are the one who gave them their second chance. . .

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