Shedding Season

FurminatorFall is upon us again and so is the time for certain breeds to shed their summer coats. All breeds of dog shed hair continuously. Some are light shedders and others carry enough coat for two or three dogs. Those of you who own one of these heavy shedding breeds are all too familiar with the rolling tumble weeds of hair and little tuffs that are EVERYWHERE.

The most recognizable  breeds include, Huskies, Sheppards and the like. These breeds and mixes of them that have a thick dense coat are called double coated breeds and are more likely to have heavy shedding twice a year. Once in the fall for their winter coat and again in the spring for their summer coat along with the usual day to day shedding of hair.

Green Dog offers Furminator as an add-on to any Bath & Brush service. This includes and extra coat blow out, Furminator solution during the bath and 30 extra minutes of brushing/Furminator. This helps the coat shed the dead undercoat quicker and reduces visible shedding. Done on a regular basis, you may never have to see those chunks of hair on every surface again!

In the post about grooming tools and different coat types the use of a grooming rake and Furminator was mentioned. These tools are quite essential for good grooming and keeping your sanity amongst all the hair. A grooming rake should be used on medium to longer coated breeds such as the Huskies and Chows. Sheppards will benefit mostly from the Furminator and a shorter toothed rake. Breeds like Retrievers, Pugs etc. that may have a lot of shedding but do not have a double coat will also greatly benefit from a good brushing and Furminating once a week.


Furminators come in different sizes and lengths of teeth. If you are unsure on what would be best for your dog don’t hesitate to ask! We are always willing to take time to answer questions and find the best options for you and your pet!

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