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How Often to Groom Your Dog

 Dogs skin is similar, but different to our own. Unlike you or I who takes a bath or shower 1-2 times every day, dogs only need to be bathed at most every 4 weeks. Most short haired dogs that remain mostly indoors may only need a bath every 6-8 weeks. Dogs with longer or double coats need to be brushed every day and require a bath or groom every 4 weeks to keep them at their best. If you always…

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Green Dog Grooming

Welcoming Puppy

We have talked with a few people this week who recently got a puppy and noted “getting a puppy is very rewarding as well as challenging”. Sometimes one out weighs the other.  An important part of your puppies life will be grooming. At Green Dog we offer a puppy cuts package for $10.00 this package includes a bath, dry and light trimming around the face, feet and tail/sanitary. This services is available to ALL puppies 3 months and under.  Whether…

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Aussie Naturals

This line of wonderful toys comes from a company with the same views as us here at Green Dog. All of thier products are made from sustainagble and eco-friendly materials like leather, jute, cotton, wool, coconut fiber and natural gum rubber. Each product is tested for durability through different rescue groups in their area and even their own dogs. Aussie Naturals gives back by hosting fundraisers for animals in need and donations. Truly, a product line we are proud to carry.…

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Green Dog All Natural Treats

This week at Green dog we are talking about our all natural dog treats. These great little biscuits are made with human grade ingredients and contain no corn or wheat. They are made with rye flour, honey and flax seed. Some contain peanut butter, mint or carob pieces depending on the flavor. They are a wholesome snack or reward any time. Each batch is made here in the US, their shelf life is good for up to one year, but…

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Beatrix, adopted in 2011 she is now proudly one of the faces of Green Dog

Dog Walk Dec. 7th

    Winterfest is starting this weekend in Downtown Kent! Holiday decor will be filling the streets and shops of Downtown and to Kick things off there will be a dog walk sponsered by Kent Downtown Partnership. The dog walk is a good oportunity to get in the holiday mood! We encourage those who attend to dress not only yourselves but your dog in an outfit or a costume. The attire can be silly or snazzy you can even match…

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Green Dog Christmas 1

The Holidays are Here!

Dogs are a part of our family and in our case a lot like our children. Not only do we want to enjoy the holidays but we want our dogs to partake too. Keeping a few things in mind and knowing what is okay to give your dog is always important to have in mind. There is a lot of excitement durring the holidays and sometimes the best for your dog depending on their personality is a quiet room where…

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Small Business Saturday

  Small Business Saturday 11/30/2013 The Third annual Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 30th! This event was created in 2010 to help small businesses get in on the action of one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. This is a good time to take it slow after the stress of the Thanksgiving holiday  and all the rushing around done on the notorious Friday that follows. This event is meant to really explore and acknowledge the…

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Grand Opening November 1st

This week is our first being open here at Green Dog! Last Friday’s grand opening went great. No major problems and had a pretty good sales day including a groom visit from Chloe, a tiny little Pomeranian. I  would like to give thanks to the Kent Downtown Partnership for providing a ribbon cutting and all their support! Special thanks goes to Barb, Charlotte and Cindi  thank you, thank you!! Also, a big thanks to Sweet Themes Bakery and Kona Kai Coffee for the wonderful refreshments!…

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